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Vaza is a multi-designer fashion store that offers a range of upscale fashion. Quality fabrics and great designs are the hallmarks of their collection. 
Vaza also provides customisation and tailoring options for every buyer to help achieve the perfect fit.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


The challenge was crafting brand visuals that exuded a sense of exclusivity and premium quality, without alienating people who had limited budgets. The goal was to strike a delicate balance, creating an inviting atmosphere that encouraged people to engage with the brand, rather than being intimidated by it. The visuals needed to convey sophistication and elegance while maintaining an air of approachability and inclusivity.


Our designers engaged in extensive brainstorming and deliberations, ultimately devising something exceptional: a logo that embodies Vaza's core values of luxury and fashion, with a particular emphasis on meticulous attention to detail. The flowing lines of the logo converge gracefully at a single point, symbolizing Vaza as the ultimate destination catering to all the needs of its customers.


We designed all the stationery items from scratch, including business cards, invoices, and carry bags.
Vaza received a special barcode scanner board that allowed customers to easily connect with their official Instagram handle.
Additionally, we created price tags and garment tags with the same elegant color tones and fonts used in the Vaza logo.