A studio filled with curiosity, dedication, and a passion to help legacy companies stand out in their market.

Our Company

Our team consists of skilled talent from across the country that provides services to clients globally.

We understand that each company is unique, each with its own story to tell and its own vision to share. We listen, learn and absorb your company's ethos before crafting a strategy that aligns with your goals.


Our Values

We believe in nurturing productive relationships with all the brands that we work with.
With a dedicated team ready to respond to requirements, we work hand in hand with each brand.
Our relentless focus on achieving goals ensures that we deliver results that help brands grow.

Meet Our Team

Aditi Agrawal
CEO and Co-founder
Shivam Bansal
Chief Strategy Officer
& Co-founder
Keval Vora
Business Development Specialist
and Treasurer
Anshul Arora
Senior Project Manager
Rashmit Pradhan
Content Writing Lead
Nishtha Madnani
Human Resources Manager
P Sai Shruti
Junior Project Manager
Sadique Ali
MIS Executive
Pradeep Kendale
Creative Director
Akash Ranjan
Graphic Designer
Abhay Toppo
Jr. Graphic Designer
and Video Editor
Our Blog
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Why Branding is Essential for the Fashion Industry
Nov 21, 2023

Fashion is more than fabric and design; it's an expression, a statement, and an experience. In this dynamic industry, branding reigns supreme, wielding an unparalleled influence on consumer perceptions and market ....

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