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Singhal is a brand that represents a legacy of strength, reliability, and innovation in the steel industry. With a rich heritage spanning decades, they have established themselves as a trusted name synonymous with exceptional quality and precision.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


The Singhal Group has garnered a formidable reputation in the steel industry with its decades-long experience. The challenge was to give respect to this legacy while modernising every aspect of it’s brand identity.

Logo Design

Our logo design for Singhal Group was meticulously crafted to embody the essence of strength, precision, and reliability. Through careful consideration of the company's values and industry positioning, we created a visual identity that captures the spirit of their brand. 

The logo incorporates bold and sleek elements, symbolising the robustness of steel and the company's commitment to excellence. The strategic use of colour evokes trust and professionalism associated with the brand.

Stationery Design

As part of Singhal Steel's rebranding, we redesigned their stationery to reflect their new, more modern and sophisticated image. The new stationery features a clean, minimalist design with a focus on typography and color. The company's logo is prominently displayed on all stationery items, and the overall look and feel is both professional and inviting.

Marketing Collaterals

We designed a new set of marketing collaterals, including hoardings, flyers, standees, and banners. The new collaterals feature a modern and sleek design that reflects Singhal Steel's new brand identity. The colors are bold and vibrant, and the typography is clean and easy to read. The overall design is eye-catching and memorable, and it is sure to help Singhal Steel stand out from the competition.

Website Design

We worked with Singhal Group to create a new website that showcases their products and services, reflects their expertise, and engages visitors. We collaborated with the company to understand their target audience and business goals, and we designed a website that is easy to navigate and provides clear information. 
The new website is a comprehensive online platform that effectively represents Singhal Group's brand, engages visitors, and drives conversions.