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Jolle Group

Jolle Group is a conglomerate of 10 verticals. It was established with the intention of providing various financial and social services to people in rural areas and it aims to increase global technology adoption within rural functionaries and operations.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


Jolle group is an established and well-known company and its rebranding had to be done in a way that would ensure that its legacy and heritage were still communicated while giving a modern makeover to the brand.

Branding and Logo Design

The modern and geometric logo that we designed tells the story of how the company came into being. We depicted their goal to develop technology through innovation using two sets of arrows. The 3 icons of people coming together showcase society. 

The logo exuded growth, innovation and social values and perfectly encapsulated the brand personality. We did their branding to inculcate their goals and values of being inspiring, action-oriented and forward-thinking.