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Anton is a pharmaceutical company that aims to lead in the research, development, marketing and distribution of drugs in India. With a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and a network of reliable partners spread across the nation, Anton is trying to create a benchmark for high quality pharmaceuticals in the market.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


The challenge was to brand Anton in such a way that the same logo and brand identity could be used across multiple channels and for multiple businesses like Anton Hospitals, Anton Pharmaceuticals, Anton Research Labs, Anton Retail stores, and more.

Logo Design

Anton’s logo had the responsibility of displaying the integrity and reliability of the brand. 
DNA is one of the most integral parts of the human body. For the logo, the DNA symbol was merged with the medical sign + . By following the ‘Golden Ratio’ while blending, a well crafted icon was designed for Anton. The particular shade of red was used to make the logo easily identifiable.

Brand Identity

We gave Anton branding that resonated with the healthcare industry. 
A combination of light red and dark red was used as the primary colours to inculcate a sense of trust. Product Sans was selected as the primary font, while ITC Avant Grade Gothic Std was the secondary font that portrayed energy and enthusiasm. Icons in different coloured and monogram shapes were designed that could be used on company brochures, websites, and other places. These combined efforts gave the brand a very professional and business ready feel.