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The Altair

The Altair, is a high-rise residential building that is situated in a neighbourhood hand-picked to provide the perfect setting for the most desirable residence.

Built with the passion to create landmarks that meet global standards, The Altair is a flagship project that has the highest level of design and craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and unparalleled service.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


The Altair is a part of a bigger real estate family of Real Spaces and therefore its design language had to be in sync with the parent company. However, it still needed to have its own unique identity that could set it apart from other projects.

Branding and Logo Design

The thought process behind the creation of the logomark started from the brand name itself. The Arc is used as a bridge of connection, and new beginnings, new possibilities for the real estate market essential for people who seek comfort and peace in a luxury lifestyle.

Two As represents the Upward Arrows which emphasises the company's goal to move forward, achieve new heights, and keep up with innovations. The structure was then creatively combined to create a bold icon that is both minimal and useful as the brand's logomark.

Brunswick Green used for the colour palette represents ambition, wealth, calmness, and luxury. Where Fawn is a light yellowish tan colour. It is usually used about clothing, soft furnishings, and bedding.