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Agrawal Hospitals

Agrawal Hospital is a renowned super-specialty hospital based in Raipur with 30 years of presence in the healthcare sector. This hospital places high emphasis on patient healthcare and provides a host of medical services and surgeries.


Branding, Design,
Social Media, Content


The main challenge was to make the entire branding, stationery, and outdoor signages in two languages. Every design and collateral that we made had to have content in English and Hindi.

Logo Designing

The newly designed logo was incorporated as per industry requirements giving it a distinct identity of its own.

The logo consists of the simple and widely used hospital cross, paired with a circle.
The circle symbolises wholeness, life, and wisdom.

The icon is paired with the sans serif font Gotham, which is geometric in nature and matches
the icons well. The teal blue signifies healing whereas the navy blue denotes trust.

Brand Identity

We designed custom brand icons, icon sets, and pattern sets that could be used for branding in various places be it billboards, signages, brochures, and other stationery.


Keeping in mind brand identity we designed all signages for their entire hospital premises that included navigations boards, services boards, consultants board, patients rights board, and others.

We also designed outdoor signages such as boards that advertised 24x7 emergency care, parking boards, and sign boards for nearby streets that helped people find the location of the hospital.

All these signages were also designed in the regional language Hindi to help people who did not understand English.


We wanted the people visiting the hospital to instantly recognize the brand Agrawal. For this, we designed customised-branded stationery.

Our designers worked within the brand guidelines to design stationery such as envelopes, ID cards, letterheads, report files, tri-fold leaflets, business cards, and X-Ray folders. 

Every aspect like the layout, the content, and the visuals were given great attention and we worked to provide important information with great accuracy.

Social Media Marketing

We created relevant and engaging creatives with topics that were related to the hospital's persona. The main aim was to generate awareness about the hospital and make its presence felt among the citizens of Raipur city. 

This included introducing their team of doctors, providing factual information about their equipment and facilities, sharing important calendar dates, highlighting health facts, and much more.